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Since 1997, women and girls from all walks of life have participated in 3 of the 4 following events and earned a classy, distinctive patch Triple Patch! Earn a new one each year!

§  ALASKA SKI FOR WOMEN is a great event for all ages and abilities to ski 4km in colorful costumes, while raising funds for local non-profits that help stop the cycle of domestic abuse against women and children

§  BIKE FOR WOMEN is Alaska's premier all-women's time trial. Started in 2000, this annual event takes place on a 9-mile course that provides both challenging uphills and breath-catching downhills

§  GOLD NUGGET TRIATHLON  is a woman’s fitness event encouraging women of all ages and abilities to participate

§  ALASKA RUN FOR WOMEN unites thousands of women from all over Alaska and beyond in one of the largest all-women runs in the country


Queen Bee: Complete all four events in the same year and receive a special pin for your patch!

2021 Special: Due to the virtual nature of several events this year – the 2021 patch eligibility will be based on registration rather than proved completion.


Thank you to each of the races as well as Turnagain Training for sponsoring the triple patch program. Turnagain Training works to encourage multi-sport athletes of all abilities and ages to become more active in triathlon, in a fun, team oriented, supportive, and inclusive environment. Their goal is to provide support, education, trainings, and events to kids through adults through their coach programs and clinics.


Please reach out to triplefinisher@gmail.com with any questions

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